We are all interesting in our own way, which is why Loren Robertson is intrigued by the psychology behind people and their careers. Having never considered recruitment as a career she is grateful that recruitment found her. Nothing excites her more than giving a candidate good news!

After completing her degree and 14 years’ experience at various recruitment agencies, Loren felt that her proven track record, coupled with her passion for people, enabled her to become an independent recruiter. This allows her to be more flexible to engage with clients and candidates and in turn, she can spend valuable time focusing on each individual role.

Loren recognises that in recruitment, a candidate’s future lies in her hands. Assessment of their qualities, competencies and liabilities – and pairing them flawlessly with an employer’s needs – is of utmost importance.

Loren Robertson Recruitment

I am immensely passionate about matching the right people to the right positions and I ensure that I achieve this by nurturing my relationships with my clients and candidates as well as understanding their needs.”
Loren Robertson
Owner - Loren Robertson Recruitment